Why the SEO Marathon is Worth the Time and Money

Customers often tell us that they want to have their company appear on page 1 of results on Google, Yahoo and Bing. By using search engine marketing (pay-per-click), we can make that happen practically right away. Meanwhile, we begin the long term effort to get the customer higher on organic search results through search engine optimization, known as SEO. The ultimate goal: to get the customer at or near Page 1 on the search engines, and more importantly, to keep them there.

Many independent website developers take a “one and done” approach to SEO by loading site content with keyword phrases, HTML meta tags and a handful of inbound links, add a WordPress plug-in or two and consider SEO a done deal. Will this, help? Sure, a bit. But if the customer is in a highly competitive space like plumbing, personal injury law, pizzerias, bars, salons, car dealerships or one of the dozens of other businesses with hotly contested keyword phrases, one and done SEO doesn’t make it happen.

Improving a customer’s SEO rankings in highly competitive business segments is a marathon. Doing it right requires that the SEO program be managed by a highly skilled SEO specialist. SEO pros go through multiple in-depth search engine certification exams and must recertify frequently. They monitor customers’ rankings closely and frequently test different advanced SEO tactics, including:

  • Site Indexation & Accessibility
  • In-Depth Keyword Research
  • Advanced Link Building from popular, authoritative sites
  • Frequent updates of substantive, high quality, relevant content
  • Advanced Tags
  • Speed and Performance Optimization

SEO experts test these and many other tactics and measure their effectiveness over time, using sophisticated analytics. SEO pros conference with business customers regularly, to discuss what’s working and develop new strategies that fit the customer’s business objectives.

The goal is to achieve dominant positions in search engine results and maintain them long term. If being found online by prospective customers is your business goal, you need a real SEO pro to get you there…and keep you there.